Transfer your Indane gas connection to another state

I recently moved from Bangalore to Jaipur and had to transfer my gas connection. This post outlines the process of transferring an Indane gas connection from one state to another.

Step 1: Gathering documents

I’m assuming you are registered with an Indane gas agency. Mine was Gajanana Enterprises Koramangala

Here is a list of stuff you’ll need before you visit the agency:

  1. Original documents of the connection
  2. Gas Regulator
  3. ID Proof (1 copy, carry original) - I carried my Aadhar card
  4. Passport size photo (1 nos.)
  5. Gas cylinders

The original documents usually contain the deposit amount for two cylinders that you paid for at the time of getting a new connection. Mine was Rs. 3,050/- as shown below. This is the amount you’ll get back after the transfer.

Step 2: Cylinders

If you don’t own a vehicle and cannot carry the cylinders, you can call the agency and ask them to arrange a pickup for Rs. 100/-. There are a couple of gotchas to this approach:

  • You need to visit the agency on the same day the cylinders are being picked up.
  • The cylinders need to reach the agency BEFORE the transfer process can be started.

Step 3: Visit current agency

Once the cylinders are at the agency, you can ask any of the staff to start the transfer process.

During the process, you’ll have to tell them the destination city and state.

Note: Only city and state name is required. So for me, it would be Jaipur Rajasthan. You can register with any agency in the destination city.

The staff will put in a request for transfer. It usually takes a while for the request to sync to the Indane Central server. For me, it took about 15-20 mins. Once the request is acknowledged, you will get an SMS on the registered mobile number that your connection has been transferred OUT of the current agency. The staff will also print out a document for you that looks like the following:

Keep this document safely as you need to present it to the other agency where you’re transferring.

The staff will also give you your deposit amount. I got Rs. 3,050/- in cash and had to acknowledge that on the agency’s copy of the above document.

Step 4: Visit transferring agency

Once you have the Transfer document, you need to visit the transferring agency with the following details:

  1. Transfer document
  2. ID Proof (1 copy, carry original)
  3. Adress Proof (1 copy, carry original)
  4. Passport size photo (1 nos.)

For me, the ID proof and the address proof are the same (Aadhar card), so I carried two copies of the Aadhar card.

Once you’re at the agency, you’ll go through the entire process of the transfer request and yet again, the Indane Central Server will fuck up. This time, it took about 45 mins.

Anyway, after the request is acknowledged, you should receive a confirmation on your registered mobile number. The staff will also print out a document for you and prepare the new connection papers.

You will also have to pay the deposit you got from the previous agency here along with other charges. This includes booking of two cylinders, paying for regulator etc:

And you’re done! Hope you find this guide helpful. Share it with someone you think might need it.