healthie - A health check middleware for Express.js


healthie is a free and open-source Express.js middleware that adds a /health endpoint to your Express.js applications and returns it’s uptime with a status of OK.

Source code and documentation:


I recently stumbled onto some options recommended by Express.js to add health check customization options to your project. While all of them are fantastic and well-maintained, they provide a lot more functionality than I need.

I built this package purely to dive deep into Express.js middleware. So if you do like it, feel free to fork or share. Going forward, I think it would be reasonable to provide an option to customize the health-check route, or the status message.


npm install --save @kunalnagarco/healthie


const express = require('express');
const app = express();
const { handleHealthCheck } = require('@kunalnagarco/healthie');



Visit /health and you should see the following:

  "uptime": 36.883064168, // process.uptime
  "status": "OK"